New (school) year resolutions

Starting a new academic year is always a shock to the system after six weeks of relaxation and minimal deadlines. Every year I tell myself I’ll have more of a work/life balance and will manage to come up with a clever way to minimise marking  and meetings yet maximise impact in the classroom. Hopefully this year I’ll get it right. Here are my new year pledges to myself:

  1. Increase use of flipped learning.
  2. Learning isn’t always evidenced by masses of writing – use a variety of ways to assess understanding but keep it meaningful.
  3. Go paperless – scan in documents, type up notes and take pictures to document things.
  4. Don’t have meetings for things that can be done via email (if possible)
  5. Work on intrinsic learning with the classroom and across the school.

Here are some fantastic blog posts I’ve read recently. Definitely worth a share!

Tom Starkey – Magic formula for a good teacher

Learning from my mistakes – Postmortem marking vs live marking

Love to teach – Poundland Pedagogy



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