Crime scene investigation

Year 10 had sports day today so I decided that returning to a classroom and doing extended writing pieces might not be their favourite activity today. We are looking at 19th Century extracts on the theme of crime and so we had a terminology lesson based (very) loosely on crime.

They began in groups with a word search on terms they need to be using.


Then each team had to create clues to distribute around the room. They were engaged discussing potential questions, answers and clarifying the terms for some students who still haven’t quite got it. Their favourite part was deciding where to hide the clues!


The room was frantic as they worked out their cryptic clues and found the answer to questions. Here’s what one group produced:


Once they had completed their trail they had to come to the front and solve a crime based anagram. This then led onto each group designing a crime scene and filling it with descriptive words. Groups of boys were shouting out words to write down which was definitely a sign that the competition element was working…

crime scene eeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbb

All in all, a successful revision lesson that ensured students used the terms regularly, linked back to previous learning of descriptive writing and also encouraged them to work together and be more independent. Minimal preparation from me and lots of smiles during the activities.


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