Multi-skill teaching

Our department are currently teaching Year 10 a unit based on the English Language Paper 1. We decided to use the Gothic as a theme in order to engage students and cover a range of skills using one focus. The exam questions require different skills and so we are teaching questions 1, 2 and 3 using a range of extracts.

Covering  a range of texts for this unit will introduce students to some wider reading, more complex vocabulary and also enable them to approach texts that initially may seem very difficult. After looking at extracts from The Collector, Breaking Dawn, White Teeth, The Woman in White and The Woman in Black, I decided to continue our study of The Woman in Black but use it to look at different questions and how it might be analysed for both language (Q2) and structure (Q3).

Here are some examples of some parts of my lessons for differing abilities:


Quick starter introducing new vocabulary and then later used in their own explanation of the extract.


Students had to decide between simile or metaphor and then do some detailed single word analysis and comment on effect.


Prediction based starter with gif.


Modelling some basic annotation before reading – coloured text corresponds to annotation in boxes.


Students created a plan for character or setting based on what they had read and then swapped with a different pair. They then had to decide which ideas were best, write a new paragraph and synthesise ideas. The group paragraph was written as a whole class the previous lesson which encouraged them to reflect, correct and improve on work.


Structure Q3 is particularly difficult so we worked to define each item on then white list and then looked to see if we could locate any of these in the text. The blue part is an example of the way they might explain the effect and be specific rather than generalised.


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