Talking teaching

I’ve always wanted to be an English teacher. I remember my English teacher, Mr O’Hanlon, as he frantically bounced around at the front of the room teaching iambic pentameter to a room full of enthused students. We were in complete awe of him and I looked forward to every lesson and what we might be learning that day. It wasn’t necessarily because I loved English (although I did) but it was because he had passion, a sense of humour and a genuine interest in developing students as a whole person and not just academically.

Through English he taught us how to treat others, how the world works and how to be strong individuals. When he left the school I bought him a book full of Shakespeare quotations, wrote what I’m sure was an adorable but cringe-worthy note in the front and cried when we all sang ‘Oh Danny Boy’ at him as we held assembly in the old Drama hall.

As I’m now an experienced teacher myself, I have started a Teaching and Learning group within my own school in an effort to share these experiences with others and renew that love of teaching that we all have. I want us to discuss, feel inspired and create things that will enthuse and engage our students across all subjects. Hopefully our progress can be shared here on this blog as we try to find what works well for us and experiment with new ideas in an effort to build resilient learners who not only work hard for grades but who want to learn about the world and their place in it.


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